New to Burstcoin and I'd like to start mining!

Hello everyone,

I just joined the Burstcoin community and I’d love to start mining with my hard drive.
I’m still busy plottong it (gpu plotter, which I finally got to work ^^) but the speed is still primarily limited by the write speed of the drive.

I’m about halfway done now with plotting the drive, but I wanted to test already if it works to mine.
I however need 1 burst to be able to enter the good mining settings :confused:

Would it be possible for someone to send me 1 burst?
My account is BURST-42TD-ESEB-8RQ2-37RW7

Thanks in advance!
Kind regards,


Send u some welcome to burst

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I still have 0burst, but I see that I received 5 burst from you.
About an hour later, there is a transaction that sent burst from my account to another one.

What happened? Is someone using my account?!

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Can u help me to start mining, because I haven’t burstcoin to set reward :frowning:
My address : BURST-L4B5-5QRC-6XZM-GRKYQ

Thank you so much !

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