New to burstcoin and this forum



I have been mining using my graphics card for a couple months and now am interested in using my drive space. It has been a bit painful learning process but seem to be getting there. I was able to get 1 burst coin from the burstpay faucet but unfortunately it was squandered when trying to sign up for a mining pool.

If someone could send me a cin to account BURST-NAZX-TF96-7UVW-7YFGY it would be most appreciated.



Hi, I looked up your address BURST-NAZX-TF96-7UVW-7YFGY, and you said you had gotten a coin and used it, but that address hasn’t had any activity. Is this the correct address?

I want to make sure you are using the correct passphrase and it is backed up properly before you go forward. Things get confusing if you accidentally are using multiple addresses.



It is the correct address.

After squandering the one coin I got from burstpay I started all over with a new account. Hoping I could get a new coin to try again. Unfortunately burstpay would not give me another coin. The above address is the new account and one I hope to use going forward.



Ok, thanks. Sending a coin over, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Read the information below carefully, because this is the only coin I’m sending you :slight_smile: With the amount of coins I am giving out daily now, I’m trying to get people to conserve coins when starting off so I can help out more people. If possible, please help out any new person needing a coin. Donations are also welcome to help me start new people off :slight_smile: BURST-FFLQ-3QZJ-267R-F3QBX

---- Getting Started Read Below Before Continuing ----

Contrary to what most of the getting started guides say, you only need to create one transaction to “activate” your wallet. Changing your reward recipient to a pool for mining gets this done. Please read this post regarding activating your account - What It Means To Create Your Public Key (AKA “Activate” Your Account) - Simply Explained

I highly recommend and pools for new miners!


Thank you very much for the coin and the information. I will repay the favor once I have earned some coin.

Thanks again,


You’re welcome, good luck!