New to Bursting, Trying to Solo Mine w Questions


Hello Guys,

New to bursting, currently trying to solo mine on a 1.5tb plot in order to get a burst coin to join a pool and confirm my account, but its tougher than I expected.

I am currently using Qbundle V2.5.0 with no present errors. My local wallet and block are fully in sync with the network and fully operation.

My question, is my Blago Miner functioning correctly (solo mining & local wallet):


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


Hi Huhster
For Solo mining you will need about 200tb +
To get a burst to get started I recommend you cpu/gpu mine it here


I agree, 1.5TB is too small for solo mining


Yes, looks like you have set it up correctly, but it could take forever for you to win a block. When you are solo mining, you have to beat everyone else on the entire network to get something. If you are pool mining, you receive a cut according to your contribution.


Thanks for the info guys!

Thanks for that Burst Faucet. Almost @ 1.1 Burst to cash out.

Thanks for confirming my concern, and thank you for the clarification. I was under the impression that solo mining was off grid. Meaning, I would not have any competition to win a block. But, I now see why my view was totally incorrect.


That’s what I thought at first too. But for miners with only a few TB it is much better to mine in a pool. The cryptoguru 0-100 pool is a good place to start!


@JMP_2203 Thank you for the suggested Pool. I am currently connected and sync’ed with that pool ( However, it looks to me that I am doing better with @moverspool suggested CPU mining faucet than with the pool mining:

[UPTIME 72 hours]

These are my current Miner configurations:


My thought is, reduce the Deadline Limit to 48 hours, so that I can get a better chance in winning and forging(?) a block with my current capacity. Is that correct? I have a feeling that I may be wrong and deadline limits play a role in helping the pool uncover blocks so that someone with enough capacity can forge them and I get residual burst scrap for the help.


Considering that you’ve only got 1.5TB that may be true, especially if you’ve got a powerful cpu. To be honest, I’m not too sure about the deadlines. I’m fairly new to burst as well and I don’t quite know why you would change it from default (unless maybe solo mining).


@huhster Were you able to continue mining with the CPU miner? I tried it and it worked at first. But since then the program begins but gets hung up and won’t run for me. I’m currently mining with my HDD’s but would like to use the CPU miner at the same time.


@TateA maybe you can help em here ?


@JMP_2203 Yeah, I am still CPU mining. Within 4 days, I am able to mine approx. 20 ~ 30 Burst Coins. May not be a lot, but it beats trying to mine with my 1.5tb plot.

In regard to the faucet program, I am using the portable .exe they offer on the website. Mining through the browser seems to take up way too much resources from my computer. If you are having problems with the portable.exe, take a look at the config.txt that comes with the program, they have a troubleshooting section in there:


@huhster you should note that the faucet is made to get a few burst.
Tate the pool owner takes a 1 % fee of everything you mine on his faucet and the cost of the electricity used will not make it a profitable way to make burst at this time.
With 1.5 tb you will not make very much burst depending on your luck and the size of the pool you join.
In-fact today i would not recommend mining any burst with less and 15-20 tbs, but thats just me.


@huhster Thanks for the input. I was using the .exe as well but I’ll take a look at that config file.