New to mining hi all

New here just started burst well trying to start burst.
I have some question 1 is were can i get 1 burst to get her going. 2 is has any one used a nas for mining and if so what network speeds should you aim for.

My set up for playing with burst is a dell r410 dual xeon 5620 16g ram and at the moment 8tb

Nice to greet you all


Hey, @Porkyminer welcome to the forum.

Post your address, and I can send one over.

As for NAS mining, I know some people have done it, but I have no experience. THere are too many vairables to figure out what speed is needed…if you have just one thread scanning, over the network, then maybe not that much, but multiple threads…more and more.

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Hi man thanks, nas seems to be a good way to add disks but speed could be a problem

think this is thBURST-WEDQ-U3CF-H8YK-HFT65e is right address
dont forget to add your address so i can return :blush:

thanks man once again

Sending over a coin, you’ll see my address in the transaction.

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