New to mining need some help

Hi, I just started and I’m mining on zen poolofd32th using 14.4 tb across 4 drives. The found DL and sent DL only show up before the first and second of 4 drives mining. Does that mean I made a mistake plotting the other 2? Is it normal for there to be a 5 second delay between the block starting and the F drive thread then 4 seconds between the F and G drive thread followed by a 5 second wait until the H drive and I drive are completed at the same time? I’m thinking I messed up the plots for the H and I drive because the DL sent and found never show up after there threads have been completed. Any advice?

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No, all of your plots are ok.

Deadlines are submitted as they are found, it doesn’t wait to send them until it’s all finished. You only see the thread lines appear when that plotfile is done being scanned.

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Thanks thats good to hear