New user hoping to mine, will happily repay once mining


I used Qbundle v1.9 to plot my HDD and would like to start mining. Please help me with the first coin! Preferably 2, so that I can set up my profile. Also, please recommend a pool for my 12TB capacity.

I will happily repay once mining it working! Thanks!


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It looks like you have already set your reward recipient to Falconpool. So, your public key is already set, and your are all ready to go. There is no importance of setting your account name…you can do that later, or never.

Falconpool is the one you want to start mining on?

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Hey Ryan thanks for the quick answer.

You’re right, because of one of the faucets I was able to get 1 coin and chose Falcon Pool. TBH, I did that without knowing much about the pros and cons of each of the pools. It seems that crypto guru is the most supported and I was going to switch to that. I’ve been mining all morning with 12TB and haven’t received any burst yet. The calculator estimates about 17 burst per day at this rate, I would think that by now I would have seen at least some fractional burst appear as deposits to my wallet?

Do you have any thoughts on that? Is falcon pool fine? Is that pool reasonable to join with 12TB?

Thanks again…

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Regarding not having any Burst yet…when you first join a pool, it takes some time to collect your historical shares. For the PoCC pool, it is about 500 rounds to get your full historical shares going. There is also a luck factor…so it could be a combination of both.

TBH I haven’t been tracking falcon pool, but I have been recommending the 0-100 cryptoguru pool for people under 24TB.

I’ve sent you a coin to change over to if you want to.

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Thanks much for that, I’ll send it back once I can get mining working.

One last question: QBundle running locally on Windows doesn’t seem to show the various Cryptoguru pools, they only show “Crypto Guru Pool”. Maybe I should try to follow the instructions at the link you provided and use the online wallet?

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For setting the reward recipient? Yeah… you can do that, or if your wallet is synced and turned on, go to in a browser window.

Also, the CG pool listed on the qbundle mining screen is for the 50-50 pool. You need to put in the 0-100 info manually to mine on it using that.

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Thanks! I think I got it now.

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You’re welcome, and good luck!

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