New user need some coins to get started if that's okay


BURST-5ZM6-MM3S-CY3A-G7TS7 Am eager to start investing in alt coins thanks for any help


Hi @Rocheyboi96I was checking your address and nothing is found.
could it be wrong?
Please check and get back to me :slight_smile:


BURST-WJP5-ZT3B-VBPW-ETRT9 Does it change every time I log in?


And now after I log in again it’s BURST-5KF3-3TXP-2VLH-F4JWC


Try to copy it from you dashboard after you get in to your wallet. :slight_smile:


Im using mobile iOS will have to download windows wallet when am home then will update thank you


Ok I will be back later to night. I have to go and work.
So tag me or PM me and we will figure it all out :slight_smile:
Have a great day!


Also if anyone can help me set up mining would be much appreciated thanks


Ok no problem.
See you then. Maybe @Gadrah can help with the phone problem more then me.

For the mining I will tag @jaxblack @Evo
They have much more experience that me in the subject.

Thank you guys :wink:


Hi! Concerning your multiple accounts issue: if you log into a different account it means you did not enter the right passphrase.
Here are a few tutorials that should help you get started: .


Well good evening, looks like Gadrah gave you a really good link, If you run into any questions on mining just ask and well do our best to answer!