New User - Recommendations for Mining

Hello everyone,

Just started experimenting with Burstcoin out of curiosity. I am going to be allocating around 1TB to get started and learn about PoC. I have the following questions:

Currently, what is the optimum plotter and miner?
Are there any recommendations regarding the formatting of the hard drives (file system, allocation unit size, quick format)?
Should I be utilizing the available free space in my SSD for the HDD plotting?

Currently running on an MSI laptop with:
CPU: i7-4710HQ
GPU: 970M

Many thanks in advance !

Hi,welcome @krassous! It’s been awhile since I’ve done any of this than just “LET IT RIDE!” but I’ll give you some starting answers!

  1. Plotting I recommend Engraver for plotting. It also has a nifty GUI if you so desire to use one like that.
    Engraver Wiki -
    Engraver Releases -
    If you are going to be a plotting power user, then you might want to look at Turbo Plotter -
    Mining Scavenger is by far the most efficient miner. There are other miners, but just use this one.
    Scavenger Wiki -
    Scavenger Releases -
    You may also be interested in a very handy utility for generating config files for scavenger as well:
    Gyra for Scavenger -

  2. Using Windows, use NTFS as the file system, I can’t remember why, but I remember the 64k allocation unit as recommended, and quick format sure why not, the whole drive will be written over again anyway right? :slight_smile: Lastly on this, you may read or find out that you can use multiple plot files per drive. The less files the better! One file for one hard drive is the best. If you are constantly plotting drives like crazy like some people do… then you may find that this isn’t the optimal route to take. But if you can, just stick with “One Drive, One Plot File”.

  3. There is a situation where your SSD can come in handy. There are certain hard drives, usually seagate externals that used SMR technology. The plotting process does not perform well on this drives. For example, plotting directly to a 8TB drive could take a week with no other bottlenecks other than the drive itself! Here is where the SSD comes in. You can write to this dive quickly, and copy the file over to the large SMR drive. This may take several turns as usually the SSD is much smaller than what you are copying to…Turbo Plotter is good for this. Remember to make sure each plot file is unique. Do not overlap (double up) nonces on any drives that you are plotting.

Your computer specs are just fine for doing everything. 1TB is a piece of cake for it, and you won’t ever even notice the mining once it’s going. I don’t know exactly, but you would expect perhaps 0.5BURST per day from 1TB… maybe less. Good luck!

Thank you very much for the detailed response !

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You’re welcome, good luck!