New User,thank you


Dear sir,

I’m new to BURST and I would like to get some coins to get started.
My wallet is following:





Sent U some.
Be sure to pay it forward to another new user once you can :slight_smile:

Have a nice day



Sure ! i would pay it forward to another newers!

best wishes to you!


Glad to help!

One little piece of advice:
If you intend on mining and are using the AIO client, do not just paste the address it suggests for reward assignment for the pool of your choice. I don’t know if this is normal, but in my case it got both that address and the port to mine on wrong. Setting the reward recipient is a transaction that costs 1BURST, so I burnt a few until I was up and running.
I mine on, for which the correct address is BURST-85W6-5P5V-7VLZ-GZJEF and the port is 8124. I don’t know the parameters for other pools - just started a few days ago myself…

Wish you all the best, too!


Here a list of pools to join welcome to burst