Newb need help on setup


iam very new to burst , i have setup qbundle and plotted 4.6tb hdd, also used award reward recipient to cryptoguru,org, was mining for one day nothing was showing in balance. when i checked my account on cryptoguru i saw my pool award recipient is 8KLL-PBYV-6DBC-AM942 PoCC Pool: 50-50 . how can i change back to 0-100 i dont have any burst left in my account, i have used one faucet to sent one burst to my account, my bust account is BURST-8TK7-BA95-QP9J-6UVUM.


sent you a couple to help out


Thanks OMB i have seen 2 burst in my balance. As i told you i am very new to burst. should i use set award recipient from wallet window?. i am using local wallet.


i used site set the reward recipent now in the miner i getting error.
[ERROR 875573297] Account’s reward recipient doesn’t match the pool’s


sorry, I only pop into the forum once every couple of days

probably best to ask for help in this section of the forum