Newbie here! Need some burst to start


Hello there!
I am really new and i need few burst to start… there is some kind soul who can do that?

edited the right wallet!!!

many thanks!!!



Hey @johnminer just sent some your way.
Welcome to GETBURST!
Good luck mining and have a great time.
If you have question just ask and you will find help. :slight_smile:


oh thank you very much!!! Let me try to set up by myself…but i am sure i will come here to ask help!

thanks again!


and here my first question… i have seen your burst on my dashboard, then i had to reload the page due to browser crash… now i see my wallet number has changed and no burst are there!!! why that???


No problem.
There are quite a bit of information and tutorials

You need to start over and put your passe word back in and it should all be fine :slight_smile:
I have to go for the day, but if you need help you can always ask around.
I know that some one will help :slight_smile:


i lost the wallet…seem i had used a wrong passphrase… the correct wallet is:

i am really sorry…

Is there a way to get those burns back?


A few more heading to your new address.

The only way to get the Burst back is to have the pass phrase for that address. Capitalization matters, as do spaces (even at the beginning or end).


thanks…i tried many configuration of my passphrase but still not able to get back…

this is the right wallet:


if someone is so kind to send me the 5bucks i need to set the mining i will be really gratefull!



@johnminer just sent you 4 you should be fine :slight_smile:


many thanks i got them and i am setting up!
i am really sorry for the last mistake!!!

thanks again