Newbie miner needs coin!


Hello everyone! I am new to Burst mining, I have 20tb to join the pool, unfortunately all of these hard drives have left me broke, lol i need some start up coin. Thanks in Advance!



Sent you a few.


thank you so much!, how long does it take these drives to plot? lol, they show up when I hit the begin mining button but they don’t seem to be finished?


It will take quite some time to plot your 20TB…


hrs? days? weeks? lol


the bad part is I have no Idea how much Burstcoin, I’ll be able to mine. hoping for the best


Well, on the slow side, it will take several weeks. It’s dependent on several things such as drive write capacbilities, connection, cpu, …, but if you watch the plotter screen, it will give you an idea over time; you can see how fast it progresses percentage-wise.

You can get a rough idea on what you’ll get if you plug your TB into this calculator


flippy? how long should it take to hit my Burst acct?


It’s in there now. If you’re still syncing up the blockchain, you won’t see it until that process is complete.


nope says im 100% synced


now it says my local wallet is BURST-83AK-V2CB-NAJK-63RHG, which is different from what was posted, I am pretty confused right now


Did you enter the seed exactly? With or without spaces at the beginning and end?

You need to make sure you have the seed if you’ve started plotting. Don’t want to have to redo plotting.


i copied and pasted my burst acct Id is that not correct?


I’m having to replot 8TBs right now. Excel changed my plot ID when I pasted it in to create my batch file.
Stupid excel. :slight_smile:


Your seed is (usually) the 12 word secret passphrase that is used to generate your account address. You should have copied that down when you started the wallet for the first time. And you should never share it with anyone, as whoever has it can access your coins. Each time you start up the Burst wallet it asks for this passphrase. Enter it exactly and the wallet will show you your account.


@burstinbubbles welcome to GETBURST,
I see you already meet some of the great people in the community and got help.
I am happy that your are ready to to start mining.
Have a great time and good luck mining.:blush:

Remember what @FlippyCakessaid about your passe word.
That is good advice!