Newbie mistake is utilizing my first Burstcoin

Hello everyone. So I got overly excited about mining Burstcoin. I plotted my drive, got my wallet setup. Went to a faucet (the only working faucet I could find) and got my first Burstcoin! So then what did I do? I set a name for my account, which cost 1 Burstcoin. So now I have a name, however I cannot mine to any pools because my account is not activated.

I am humbly requesting a kind soul to donate 1 Burstcoin to BURST-GVFH-A3JJ-CVAE-9XDU2 so that I may get started.

To other newbies out there, if you are able to get 1 Burstcoin from a faucet or forum, use it to activate your account on the blockchain, and not to name your account.

Thank you in advance.


Sent you one :slight_smile:

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Thank you so very much!

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