Newsense but i'm not new


I’m Newsense but not new to Burst. It was my first coin I got into a year ago. I mine Burst and have invested in Burst assets as well as traded Burst. My email is and am always welcome to any questions.


Hey welcome to the forums!


Hi @Newsense,
welcome to GETBURST, it is great to see that you are here. I am happy to see all of the old Bursters finding there way here.
Cool! I have been exploring crypto for while now and Burst was also the first coin I really got into. I really like the community and I love mining and trading BURST. It just has so much going for it, :heart_eyes_cat:I just really like it!:heart_eyes_cat:
Anyway, I am really happy to see you here.
Have a great time and see you around :slight_smile:


Thanks, happy to see you here too.



Good to see you around @Newsense !