No Deadline?


Hey there guys,

I have been mining Burst for a few months now but I am recently having a bit of a problem. A couple weeks ago I noticed I was starting to frequently get “No Deadline” when searching for new deadlines.

My payouts have been significantly lower since this started to happen. I was wondering if anyone could perhaps inform me a bit on what is happening here, why it isn’t finding the deadline’s and what I can do to stop this from happening.

Thanks a bunch!
Happy Bursting


Are you mining on a pool where the DL’s are 5 days or less?


Difficulty has been rising alot the last months. Seeing you are mining with 10TB it is harder to get good deadline’s.

And as said, check the pool you are in what the highest allowed deadline’s they have.


@Neq I did encounter similar situation in the past. From what I can see, you are mining on what looks like a total plots of 12TB (miner will show around 10% less so that’s 10170GB) which is quite small compare to many other miners. Your confirm DL is a bid more than 3 days. So, there are two most likely reasons that you found no DL.

  1. The pool you are mining accepted DL limit is quite low; maybe 1 week, 5day or even 4 days. Therefore, even your miner found any DL but if it’s more than the pool’s accepted DL, it well not be accepted, hence no DL. The way around this is to move to other pool which accept higher DL.

  2. Your total plots size is too small, and due to Burst increasing difficulty each day, your miner can’t actually fine any appropriate DL. There is no other way around this than increase your capacity. You may also try to move to other pools but I don’t think it will help much. My though was, this might be your real reason you can’t seem to fine DL.

Good luck and happy Bursting


The DL is max 10 days or less on the pool I use.

@Zotac Ahh fair enough, that would make sense why it has slowly been getting worse over time.

@Zyrem Alright, thanks for the info! Cheers!