No payout for forging blocks on POCC Pool 50-50


I am mining on POCC Pool 50-50 (cryptoguru). And I recently forged a block. 453224. 2018-01-31 00:41:15. I looked back on the explorer and confirmed I forged the block but I did not get the reward. Can anyone point me to who runs that pool and can help me?


I haven’t looked into it yet, but I had seen it mentioned that at least one cryptoguru pool was attacked today, which may have led to some downtime/complications. I saw that you have already asked in their discord, and that will be the best place to have your problem taken care of.


I have been mining on 50-50 for months getting 100 Burst a day and 500 Burst about once a week. I have not received a payout since 7-1-2018 and have been actively mining and its shows my balance on the pool go to 100 and then reset without payout. They are ripping people off.


They are not ripping people off.

Please look up your address in the explorer under Multi-Out reverse. They are using this function to save on transaction fees. These do not show up in your transaction list, but your balance increases.


I also am quite upset… on this same pool… yesterday… I had 350 deadlines, and slowly to now… its now 206.

I would like to know what the heck is going on if no one is screwing with things. Why are my deadlines being disallowed and removed? BURST-J67K-TWP7-R4LD-FRZPG

Additionally… it seems that I cannot mine anymore as all my deadlines are ignored since last night.