Nonces visualisation tool

plotting new drives, replotting old drives, converting PoC2 etc. now me totally confused because of too many big numbers :wink: dont know where to start and end nonces for not overlapping, so i made this little excel sheet for visualisation not just for me but anybody who may find this useful as well.

download and overwrite unblocked input fields with your own data.

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I set the start nonce as the drive number and then a zero, then the plot number followed by eight zeroes. That way I make sure I have no cross overs and I can see if there’s a faulty plot.

So HDD 1 that has one plto file would be 10100000000 as the start nonce

HDD 2 would be 20100000000
HDD 10 would be 100100000000
HDD 100 would be 1000100000000 etc etc

The eight zeroes covers drives up to 24TB in size!

I also number the folder on the the drive. So drive 1 has a folder called Plots 1. That way I can easily see in Blago if any plots are causing trouble.

nice and structured strategy… should have done so from the beginning… now its a mess :wink:

I’ve wanted to do this for a while. Here’s my take using JavaScript and an HTML5 canvas (nothing to download):

It shows the distribution of your nonces (whether the randomness is working). Most of my plot files are showing up in the 0° to 45° area, so I wonder if there’s a problem with my randomness.

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