Noob Alert


Hi Folks,

Just introducing myself. I’m a noob to burst but doing it, not for the money (although that will be a fringe benefit) but just because I an really interested in the entire thing from top to bottom.

I’m a clean slate, only been pottering around finding my feet with plotting, mining etc over the last few months.

I was wondering if you guys could point me to some good guides on

  1. Easy breakdown on the details of how burstcoin works.
  2. A guide on how to setup a pool.
  3. A guide on building a top rig.

and basically anything else that you can think would be good reading material for one with noob superpowers.

All the best.



Hey there, I gave a few links in the other thread for you.

To start learning about Burst, the wiki is great.

For setting up a pool, there is no tutorial that I know of.

For building a rig, pretty much everyone’s is different. The best is the cheapest that works imo :slight_smile:


Can you give those links too, please! Cuz I’m new in the burstcoin too



Thank you!