Noob help with setting up wallet etc

Hi, I downloaded QBundle on a fresh install of Windows 10 the other day.

Its 3 days later and still download the blockchain. While its doing that, I thought I’d try to setup ready for mining.

I’m really not sure what I’m doing, but I’ve gone into Account Manager and clicked add account.
Then I added a name, long 12 word passphrase and a long pin.
Hit save account.

So now when I click on the account name within account manager, it shows the numeric account number.
I think I now need to use the numeric number to plot my drives.

Am I correct so far or am I doing it wrong?

Oh, and Ill be plotting on a separate machine if that makes any difference.

It sounds like you have the right idea. You can also download a large chunk of the blockchain and load it into the wallet to speed up the sync


You can speed up the block chain download by selecting “Bootstrap chain” from the Database menu in Qbundle.

Here is a link to a topic I created detailing my experience in getting setup

The following is a good video to watch about getting started

If these don’t answer your questions there is an entire area of this message board about Tutorials, Help and FAQs. If you still have questions then ask away.


Thanks for your replies guys, I’ve just downloaded a 9GB database file. I can’t see any import options on the database menu but I had already updated to V2 point something so maybe it was removed.

I’m guessing that I can just put the extracted file into the burst_db folder and open the wallet.

Just another quick question… Ive started plotting a bunch of drives with the numeric account number.
If I needed to wipe this machine with the wallet on it and reinstall Windows, would I simply be able to download the wallet software again and enter my passphrase to get back in?

The reason I ask is that I could obviously just move coin to another wallet, but I wouldn’t want to re-plot the drives to work with a replacement wallet address. (at least I’m assuming thats how it works)

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Yeah moving the 9GB database file helped but still way off sync. I’ve just gone into the Bootstrap Chain you mentioned MichaelM and it looks like we have a winner.
Doing that seems to be downloading a massive chunk.

Thanks for the help

As long as you remember and enter your pass phrase you can recover with a new installation.

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