Noobalicious Fist time Burster Here


Hello Everyone,
I’m so glad to be here! I found out about Burst while doing research for the Bravatek group I admin on FB. This company IDDR has these servers for identification and tracking purposes. Anyway, I got btc for $6 back in 2013 and learned the trade and deal of lossing my btc at 100X more than I got them. Heck, some were free then! I see Burst as having exceptional Fintech abilities as well as being inline with Hashgraph and use with Bisq. It solves many issues btc has!!!

I cant wait to get going!



Sent you a couple to get started. Thanks for joining, and have fun!


How long do you think it will take for them to show? I just finished downloading and configuring the block chain for almost 2 days. LOL


Now I need another one to send out to jam? Awesome! Or can I mine now?