Not receiving mining rewards


Finally got my starter 2TB miner going, but I haven’t received any rewards yet. I’m mining at, and have seen my miner show up on the list, but it’s not always there. My miner (BlagoMiner via Qbundle) seems to be indicating confirmed deadlines… or at least it keeps saying “confirmed DL”.

I’ve confirmed in my wallet that my reward recipient is set to the pool address and “my account” is set to my Burst address. As far as I know, this should all be correct.

Am I missing something? Any help would be grealty appreciated.


It sounds like everything is going fine. Your 2 TB could get maybe 4 coins per day. Some days more some days less, some days zero. This will not be immediate and the pool starts tracking your share of work done when you start. It will take a bit before you start seeing any balance.


Thanks for the reply!

Just got my first payout of 8.44 Burst. After reading some other posts, I realized that I was probably building up to a minimum payout level from the pool. Still can’t quite make total sense of the pool dashboard, but I’m glad to know it’s working now.