Odd Request


Having followed someone’s advice in this forum somewhere, I forget the topic thread, I seemed to have joined a pool, that after researching, has mined 1, yes 1, block in the last 10 days. If I could trouble someone for just 1 Burst coin to switch pools, I will gladly repay 2 after rewards come home from a new pool.


It is much appreciated, I have 8 TB mining, but with no pay in sight from this pool.


Sending one over to ya.



thanks Ryan, you da man. I’ll throw some into your address I’ve seen in this topic area when I can.


Sorry it took so long RyanW. Here is 20 Burst to assist you in your goodwill that you are doing here. Thanks again for the loan.




Thanks so much, it will go to good use!


@Gilligan that is awesome, thank you for the donation to the community.

Ryanw gives out a lot of his BURST and time… so many of the members do, to many to start naming them all. :heart:
We are a great community and it is great to see and read about members like you :slight_smile:

I would also like to welcome you and ask, how is your mining going?