Oh, No! I Lost My BurstCoin!

I tried so feverishly to save my 1 Burstcoin but I lost it changing my account information. At least, that is what the listing under my Dashboard says. I don’t remember doing it. After much struggle, I am forging ahead and at last was able to get to the point where I paid my BurstCoin to the pool–and I didn’t have it! I would appreciate so much if some kind person would donate 1 BC to me, and I promise to pay it forward when I get set up. My Account Address is: BURST-36ZT-M7YX-6NKW-F66RU

Ok, no problem. I will send you another 0.1, don’t stress.

And by the way, it’s not paying the pool, it’s paying the network fee to change the reward recipient on your account. Meaning this:

When you first start using your burst address, it’s assumed that when you are mining, then the coins should just go to you, right? That doesn’t work with pool mining, as the coins need to go to the pool instead to be distributed to all of the miners on that pool. So, you are basically telling the network to pay the pool instead of you if you forge a block. Hope that makes sense!

BURST on the way now.

First, thank you for sending that second coin.

  1. I have transferred the coin to the recipient and my miner is running. Am I through, or is there anything else I need to do in order to be set up?

  2. I have a 4 terabyte external hard drive (95%) that I am mining with. Is that adequate? Do you have any other counsel about mining in this way?

  3. I have an MSI Afterburner that I was using with another Bitcoin type that I am completely done with. Can it be utilized to mine BurstCoin? If so, how should I set it up?

  4. I have not figured out how to set up my BurstCoin as a desktop icon. I have to go into the search bar each time and type burstwallet.exe. How can I set it up so I don’t have to do that?

  5. How will I know when money is available? How do I get it out.

  6. I feel a bit insecure about when my dashboard is running in the browser okay. Then the screen goes dark. By the time I get over to it, it is gone, and I have to bring it up again with burstwallet.exe. Can I do anything to make certain it stays open and running?

Thanks for all your help, Ryan.

Another thing. I did not “generate a plot” (I think that’s how it was worded). I skipped that step and was going to come back to it, but I just now remembered it. And I can’t find what you sent me about it; I didn’t bookmark the site you sent me to, nor can I find any notes on it. You said I should not use Xplotter but should use Engraver, I believe. Could you be so kind as to send me that material again. I’m not usually this careless. Will it make any difference with my Burst operation to do this step at this point? Please include any instructions that you think might help me. Thank you so much!