Old burst user, help unneeded


Happy Burstday everyone !

As the title says, i’m no new burst user, but i’m new on this forum so let’s make an intro !

I’m a french cactus, part of the admin team of burstfrance.com and i was summoned here by Trixie \o/

That’s about it !


Welcome :smile:


Thank you for joining us! Great job on the website.


@RocanneRoll FYI, I have opened a new section of the forum for our French friends :slight_smile:

Announcements will be translated and posted there as well.


@RocanneRoll hey there great to see you here :smiley:
So welcome to GETBURST, a great place to get all the BURST info.
Congratulations on the website, when we first met is was just starting and now it is there.
That is great!
I am happy that we have are own French Cactus :sunny:
I can’t wait to get more news and hear all about your adventures.
See and read about it soon!


Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

That’s a very good thing Ryanw, we’ll be sure to relay the info on our forum too ! (that will save me a lot of translating time :D)

Trixie ! i’ll tell you all about my adventures ! It’s good to see you around again ! :smiley: