One Burst to get going

Hi guys

Very new to this (although I’ve been into Burst since finding it late last year) - I just need 1 burst so I can get my wallet going. I’ve pasted what I believe to be my wallet address below; can I just verify that the address is the account ID?

If so, I would genuinely appreciate it if someone could send me one coin to the following:


Very best regards and thank you.

Please read all of this post carefully because this is the only coin I will send you.

Not trying to be rude, just want to make sure you do not waste this coin as the first is the most valuable.

I just sent a coin your way. You will not see the coin until your wallet has finished synchronizing.

Please come back when you have earned some coin and help others get their first coins. Pay it forward. :slight_smile:

The following are some notes from the process I went through to get started. Hope you find them helpful.

You only need one coin for reward assignment when joining a pool. Joining the pool will get you into the system. You do not need to send any others.

I recommend watching the following video on YouTube to learn how to get started.

I wish I had watched this video before getting started. It would have saved me a bit of frustration and a squandered coin.

I also recommend you perform all actions through the Qbundle software. When I first started I tried setting the reward recipient (for pool mining) through the web interface for a pool and ended up wasting a coin. I also gave up on trying to configure creepMiner and am just using Blago Miner that comes with Qbundle.

When you finally get your system up and running you will likely see a warning message like the following

“Warning!: Your account does not have a public key! This means it’s not as protected as other accounts. You must make an outgoing transaction to fix this issue.”

If you will be joining a mining pool then ignore this message. Setting a “Reward Recipient” to get into a pool will be your first transaction which will get you a public key and the warning will go away.

Thank you, Michael, very much appreciated.



I’ve deleted my previous post because I’m really really confused (and nervous) as to what is happening - I’m using the same passphrase (for definite) but getting different fucking wallets!

The wallet Michael (in this thread) sent one Burst to and activated has not been opening; I’m getting a wallet with a different account ID and no burst in there (I sent some more from Bittrex as a second test);

Using the same passphrase (many times to try find my that wallet that Michael activated) saw me get a totally different wallet (!!!) which was named ‘Raegulus’ (activated last summer, before I even knew of Burst’s existence). I logged back out, tried re-logging in but cannot get that one anymore (only got it once).

Now (as in 10 minutes ago), I’ve used the same passphrase and it’s opened the wallet that Michael activated with my Burst in there from Bittrex!!!

Why has the same passphrase opened 3 different wallets? What am I doing, guys? This cannot be normal?

Thank you, genuinely, for any help on this.

Are you using the qbundle wallet or an online wallet?

I do not know why this is happening to you.

The only reason this would happen is that you had used different passphrases. Surprisingly, this happens seemingly every day to people.

Even a space " " counts in your passphrase. There was some tiny difference between the two.

Ryan & Michael

Thanks for replying.

So, Ryan, you’re absolutely right - I actually figured out that on cutting and pasting (from a paper wallet in the making) I was totally missing the space at the end. That’s sorted - I found the right wallet with the burst I’d sent from Bittrex (ie. the wallet Michael activated for me) and all’s well on that.

However, I still cannot understand how I opened the Raegulus wallet - that is just totally random and a little worrying because the fact it was named, means that no passphrase except the one the owner set should open it! Not sure what to do on this. Should I try report the occurrence back to POCC via Reddit or something?

I’m not embellishing on this. It really did happen (I saw it with my own eyes) and is rather in-explainable, unless I’m missing something (yet again!)…

Very best regards

Glad you figured out the issue :slight_smile:

Yes, it’s just a random coincidence. You found the passphrase someone else has used. Try typing in PASSWORD and see what’s in there. Someone used that in the past.

Now, the likelihood of finding someone else’s passphrase if you used an elaborate one is pretty dang low. If you used a more simple passphrase than the 12 word suggested one when setting up your wallet, I would advise setting up a new address. Else, lightning struck and you did log into someone else’s.