One Month of PoCC


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One Month of PoCC

One month ago, we announced the PoC Consortium, and its intent to lead BURST to its rightful place among other cryptocurrencies. While this and other statements might have sounded bold or even exaggerated, we believe that people - slowly - start to see that we mean what we say.

As promised, we did not waste energy on any drama, but concentrated on the important things to bring BURST forward: technology and infrastructure. This allowed us to achieve quite some results in this relatively short time:

All of this work begins to show some effects. The number of unsynchronized nodes is sinking as old versions get replaced with new high-quality wallets. There have been no problems in the network since the spam attack in July. Quite the contrary, despite a high number of unsynchronized nodes, the network has been very stable.

Investors seem to have greater faith in BURST, as BURST now slowly raises from its ~130 Satoshi low, and reached a high of 350 Satoshi recently. The trend is obvious.

All of this is not enough - of course. :wink:
More has to be done and will be done.

Today, we would like to remind you of us announcing the in-development status of our mobile wallet for BURST one month ago. The time has come for you to try it! For now, its connection is hard wired to the TestNet, so you can experiment to your liking.

Official DL address:
Official Docs:
Official Discord Help Channel -

When this beta-phase is over (we think two weeks or until end of September), we will provide this wallet for the MainNet also.

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Ein Monat PoCC
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