Optimal Setting for Deadline Limit while Solo Mining

Dear all,
I’m solo mining with 100TB. I do this with Blago Miner. I’m wondering which figure in Deadline limit is optimal. Heard that a lower figure is better than a higher…
any ideas how to calculate the optimal size of deadline limit?

i have never mined solo, but logic would suggest a deadline of no more than the longest block possible/likely. I have never seen a block take over 45 min to solve. So i would say anything over a hour is a waste of resources.
just my two cents

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You don’t need a deadline limit when solo mining.

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you can not start mining with blago withou a deadline limit

thanks for your thoughts.
this is how it looks like with deadline limit 3600. So I never catched up any deadline since days.

to compare this. when I set up the deadline limit to 3600000 it looks like that:

So I am solo mining and want to go for solo. Should I take the first or the second choice?

It does not matter really. You will only win blocks with Deadlines in the minute region - so anything higher than that is useless when you solo mine. On the other hand you can set it higher just so you see it is submitting something from time to time. I have set mine to 2 weeks.


Thanks zonk for your fast response. Sounds logic, good idea with the two weeks - wanna see from time to time green and blue lines too.:rofl:

Sure, black and white is boring!