Other PoC coins


PoW will die… first there was burst… now bitcoinOre… chia coin is announced…

investing in Disk Drive space seems to be a good idea :wink:

But what do bursties think of chia coin or bitcoinOre ?


Truthfully I haven’t read hardly anything about them. From what I saw with BitcoinOre, nothing happened on announced dates, so I perhaps nothing ever will with that.

Chia will be an ICO from what I read. I’m not interested in those types of projects.

I do, however, believe Burst will most likely inspire some great projects.


I absolutelly agree with you that pow will die (actually it is dying already as the equipment can’t pay off).
Personally I’m into pos mining for about 4 months in cryptonex - where it’s enough to buy CNX transfer it to a wallet for Windows and keep online. I have 12% income per annum + bonus reward. Let alone cnx price is increasing (sevenfold in the last 3 months).


I just stumbled upon Bitcoin ore. Looks like they are calling it “BHD” or BitcoinHD. The HD is presumably for “hard drive”. Here’s a link to the website. http://www.btchd.org/#top Its in Chinese, so there’s that. Let me know what anyone thinks.


in the top right corner you can change language to russia or english.

nevertheless until now just blabla… even the whitepaper is in chinese.