Output Burst on the exchange

Good afternoon, everyone. Tell me how to correctly withdraw to the exchange Burst from the wallet https://wallet.burst.cryptoguru.org/. thank you in advance

Hello, want to understand correctly.

EXCHANGE -->> https://wallet.burst.cryptoguru.org/ ??


https://wallet.burst.cryptoguru.org/ -->> EXCHANGE ??

It was a “two step process” last time I did this…

First of all… you need a to find a platform (Poloniex) That handles BURSTCOIN… Set up an account. Use that account to generate a temperaly Wallet adres. Use that adres to send burst to that account.
It take a little while…but it will show-up in you account. Best thing…It coverts to Bitcoin or you can buy Bitcoin with burstcoin…
You will find They do not have a connection with PayPal or a bank to make $$

Therefor You need to set up an other account with Coinbase.
Tranfer coins to Coinbase, Sell for $ or € and transfer to Paypal or bank.

Yes It is some hard work to figure it out, But it works…
I was carefull and did some test transfers with small-change. I suggest you do the same to get trust in the “work out”

Be sure to NOT MANUALY TYPE Wallet adresses use the copy / past option.
Wrongly typed WALLET transfers can not be undone so make sure you do it right.

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