Overlap, what?

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I’m working on getting started, mining with the cryptoguru pool. I’m all set up, and have two small drives plotted and able to mine (I checked–they’re working and I now have a pending balance on the pool, which I assume means my settings there are right). I’m starting small with small drives and even smaller plots just to make sure the pipelines are properly in place before I spend time plotting a bigger drive. So I’m having trouble adding a third drive. No matter what number I set for my starting nonce, I get a message that it overlaps the previous one. I attached a screenshot. C: and E: are fine and do not overlap. I’ve gotten to where I only plot a couple of GB on the F: drive until I figure out what I’m doing wrong. And I’ve also tried switching out physical drives and I still run into the same problem. Please help, any input will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


635505+1868000 is more than the start of 2000000 hence the overlap

Look for the plotting tracker in the forum of reddit theread should help

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@iceman496 Thanks, I think I’ve got it now. My mistake was thinking that the third number in the filename indicated the number of the last nonce in the plot, not the total number of nonces in the plot.

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No problem glad I could help