Overlapping plots


I have began my journey burst mining and have began to really enjoy the new hobby. I am very much still learning but I have come across an issue. I have 2 250gigs, 1 1tb, and 1 500gig drive I am currently using to mine but at the beginning, I get the error:

“WARNING: Z:\Burst\7155401200652571255_1886314_3801144_3801144 and
Y:\Burst\7155401200652571255_1886314_1900152_1900152 are overlapped”

Now, when I was plotting in qbundle, I saw on the right under advanced settings “Do not change these values…etc” I never touched anything because it says it will configure those settings. Not sure what is going wrong or why it calculated the settings incorrectly but I would love some help!

Thanks everyone!

A noob myself I have run across the same error.
You have to delete and replot the second one by adding the number in the the file name. The file name number give you the plot’s numbers.
for example:

The first plot starts at nonce 0 and contains 3705824 nonces.
The second plot starts at nonce 3705825 and contains 108696 nonces.
If I were to plot another following this sequence and the plotter didn’t output the number automatically I’d add 3705825 to 108696 and manually input 381452. I’ve had to keep track as I have more than one machine running.

You’ll need to change the highlighted section.


This may cause you to have to replot all other thereafter… overlapping plots make for an inefficient mine.


You definitely don’t want overlapping plots because you’ll be wasting space. In your plots:

  • K_1886314_3801144_3801144
  • K_1886314_1900152_1900152

The files are named:

  • AccountID_StartingNonce_NumberOfNonces_Stagger

…so you’ve got two files beginning at the same nonce (1886314) so yes, they’re overlapping.

Delete the smaller. The time spent plotting it is wasted unfortunately.

The plotting software I’m using chooses a random start nonce for each plot and I have a script to check for overlaps and I’ve not had a single overlap yet having plotted 25 TB.

EDIT: I’m now plotting on 256G boundaries and worked out that each time I stand a 1 in 67,108,864 (65,536*1,024) chance of getting an overlap.


Thank you both for the reply. I have went back and replotted all my drives and working on the last as we speak. To make sure I am doing this correctly and understand right, my plots should look like this yes?

A:_ 0_943157_943157

Then the next should start at 3796198 for D:?

Thanks yall!

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Is there any advantage to having your plots contiguous? I’m only guessing not.

I’m not certain but it looks like you left a single-nonce gap (no problem) since the second field in the file name is not the index of the last nonce in the file but that number of nonces in the file, so:


…contains nonces 128 through 191 inclusive, so the next (contiguous) plot could be:


…whereas your plots seem one nonce advanced each time (again probably no problem).


I have quite a few drives, so I set the start nonce as the drive number and then a zero, then the plot number followed by eight zeroes… That way I make sure I have no cross overs and I can see if there’s a faulty plot.

For example:

(1) HDD number
followed by
(0) seperator
followed by
(1) Plot number on the drive
followed by

So HDD 1 that has one plot file on it would be 10100000000 as the start nonce


HDD 1 that has two plot files on it would be 10100000000 and 10200000000 as their start nonce

HDD 2 would be 20100000000
HDD 10 would be 100100000000
HDD 100 would be 1000100000000 etc etc

If you have big drives to fill add an extra 0 to make it 9 zeroes at the end.

And never shall a nonce overlap on my watch :slight_smile:

And when I say big drives, I mean over 24TB as anything under that will be covered by the eight zeroes.

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