Oysters, Shells and Burst Coins! Pretty please :)

A man has no name, a wallet has no coin :frowning: BURST-H56A-87D8-PHC7-EEK3R

I’m super excited to join the Proof of Capacity community. I stumbled on a video by imineblocks on youtube by happenstance while planning out an Ether rig at around 4 in the morning.

My exact reaction was you can mine with hard drives… NOPE. I’m going to bed hahaha.

I woke up and went straight back to researching and I’m excited to get on board. My wallet is downloading the blockchain now. I’m excited to plot my hard drives and optimize them over the next days, weeks?

I’m planning on plotting some 6 Tb external’s, I have a 500Gb SSD. So i’m going to see how long it takes to plot one drive vs copying from the 500Gb tomorrow or tuesday assuming the block chain finishes.

I’ve got 32Gb of ram and was reading about plotting in possibly 1 Tb increments to reduce plotting troubles.

I also have a GTX 1070 to try GPU plotting and Xplotter. I have my newbie work cut out for me this week.

A starter coin or 2 would be appreciated m’lord!

Thanks! :smiley:

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a few should be making their merry voyage to you


Thank you so much!

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