Pagefile.sys location - and how it affects BlagoMiner AVX2 (C: vs D: etc)

I wanted to move my regular pagefile.sys file from one drive to another. Just to make a bit more room on the original OS drive.
When I move my pagefile.sys from its original location on my OS drive (C:) to another, separate drive (D:), my BlagoMiner AVX2 gets stuck after the first few lines of the CMD, and doesn’t go anywhere. Once I’m switching the pagefile.sys location back to the original C: drive, and restarting the BlagoMiner - it works again with no problem.
That made me think that the miner is working in a close relationship with the pagefile.sys file, but I just don’t know how to let the miner know it’s now on a different drive :frowning:
Any ideas how I can do that?

well how about switching off the pagefile?
if your miner does nuthin but mine and you have twice the minimum system requirement of ram u should be able to.
but perhaps this could be your moment to prove it works so others can follow?

My miner does do other things (it’s my main computer), and I would like to still have a pagefile for it (even though it is a 32 GB machine). So… how can I switch it to D: w/o having BlagoMiner freaking out?