Passphrase does not match reward recipient


i just keep having this response from my miner… image below:

i did set my reward recipient which is my Burst Address

and my wallet Passphrase has always been the same!

  1. Why i’m i having this response? and

  2. What should i do to address the situation?

Pls guys help my out!

Thanks in advance guys!


This is a temporary response and will go away after 4 blocks. This is normal when you change your reward recipient. You can continue to mine and after 4 blocks, it will start mining.


it seems simple but its not on my end cos i’ve been dealing with it for two straight days…

i had to restart the miner after 24hrs and its 7hrs in but show same response still

checked everything in the wallet directory and i know its totally fine…

i’m about to freak out like something is going wrong in front of me but cant seem to fix it (Feeling Helpless)


Just making sure…you are trying to solo mine?


Been solo mining for about a month and then this started the last two days


Ok, then next…is your local wallet completely synced?


not at all… could that be one the reasons?!


yes, if it’s not completely synced, you can’t solo mine. It always has to be absolutely up to date and running correctly.


WOW!!! Nobody said this before… Been asking around for four months.

Anyway does that mean i’ve lost all burst mined?!

Pls i need an honest response thanks.


If you’ve been mining while not synced with the network, yes those coins are not real…it’s possible that it was running ok before so…

If you go to the explorer at you can look up your address and see what kind of balance you have.

Very sorry you didn’t know about this…solo mining is not a common practice for a couple reasons, one of them being wallet stability is better with a pool.


This is absolutely messed up!

I think bust people should look into this!

cos its depressing!



So what happened? Did you check the explorer?


yh… no payment - its depressing tbh!


Wow, I am very sorry for that. We should get your started mining on a pool then. How many TB do you have to mine with?