Passphrase to Address. how does this work?



I want to know a little bit more about cryptocurrencies. To start I would like to understand how the cryptography works to create a Burst address from a passphrase.

Can somebody point me to information on this specific topic?

I have some (very)basic understanding of the process, but would like to know how the math works.
For educational purposes I am going to program this in python.



No one know the math use to get a passphrase if ppl know that we would all be hack :slight_smile: what i would tell u is what ever passphrase u got get the last world and change it to some u and only u would know is what i did and i never been hack good luck to you :slight_smile:


Hello Jam1,

Thanks for the reply. However, I think you understood me wrong. I want to know how to calculate an address from a passphrase: "passphrase -> address"
I suppose this would be something the wallet does everytime a user generates a new address.

To be clear: I do NOT want to know “address -> passphrase” (which would be hacking)


This is the process.

  1. Seed->Sha256 = Private key
  2. PrivateKey->Curve25519 = Public Key
  3. PublicKey->Sha256 = Public Key hash
  4. Public Key hash first 8 bytes = numeric account number
  5. Numeric accountnr -> Reed solomon = BURST-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXX

You need to studdy the algorithms SHA256,Curve25519 and reed solomon


super, thanks for the reply. now lets see if I can figure this out.