Pending bursts stopped increasing

hi bursties,
i am mining at 50-50 cryptoguru with 3 TB and gained a constant rate about 4 to 5 burst/day, but the last three days i am stuck at 48 burst… something wrong or does this happen from time to time ??

It looks to have increased to 49 since you wrote this.

It is entirely possible that a streak of bad luck happens…

yup ! there is a light at the end of the tunnel…

hmmm… feel like beeing donald duck now.

If you are not planning on adding more terabytes, I think moving to after you hit the 100 coins on the 50-50 pool might be good.

This 0-100 pool is a new on they opened, instead of giving 50% to block finder, it is spread equally to all of the miner shares.

Hi ryanw, i appreciate your advice. I will give 0-100 a try. But be assured… terabytes will be added as much and as quick as possible :wink:

That’s great :slight_smile: I have started shopping for drives again too, and have just ordered a 45-bay storage chassis!

Be sure to cash out your pending coins on the 50-50 pool first though!

wow ! :clap:
at the moment i try buying used or malfunctional hdds from ebay - i dont care about critical smart values… just let chkdsk y: /f /r run and afterwards plot the remaining space. it works quite well… it makes a great difference in terms of ROI if you get 2 TB HDD for 20 $.
And I like the idea of recycling electronic waste…

That is a nice way of putting those older hard drives to good use. I have purchased some 2 and 3TB drives at good prices, however my goals are now loftier…and I’d like to fill this new machine with all 8TB drives!

Perhaps in a couple years.

yeah … thats 360 TB !? makes me drool…

everything depends on the development of burst value in the next 1 to 3 years…
for example at 0,1 $ it will take only 150 TB to make a living out of it…
at 1$… sky is the limit