Please help me 2º time

Hello … Good evening,

I started a few days trying to mine, but I made a serious mistake, I began mining in a pool without having done the entire ploting process.
Conclusion: I lost my initial burst to enroll in the pool and now that I have the whole system right I do not have a single currency to start with.

I asked for the special gift of some member so that I could begin.


Many thanks to all and good mining


If you have already set your reward recipient for the pool, you don’t need any more Burst to get going…

Your wallet should be activated, and your reward recipient set. Nothing else is needed to be done.

Thank you for your quick response, but I did not quite understand what you said to me.
You can explain better to help me.

Thank you

From what you have said in your post. You have everything set up. There is no need to spend more coins.

Make your plot file, and start mining on the pool.