Please, I'm new, I need a few Burst to start mining.


i am trying to get into burstcoin mining.

Hello everyone. I am a great enthusiast of the project behind BURST and I think that its flexibility and low cost
when it comes to mining is the secret of its great acceptance today. I would love to join this digital ecosystem

please donate 2 burstcoin so i can start mining

Thanks a lot :grinning:
Douglas Parra


It appears that the address you posted is not complete (“malformed”).


excuse me please. You’re right, I miss a letter at the end of the address.
already solved

Thank you a lot


Please read all of this post carefully because this is the only coin I will send you.

Not trying to be rude, just want to make sure you do not waste this coin as the first is the most valuable.

I just sent a coin your way. You will not see the coin until your wallet has finished synchronizing.

Please come back when you have earned some coin and help others get their first coins. Pay it forward. :slight_smile:

The following are some notes from the process I went through to get started. Hope you find them helpful.

You only need one coin for reward assignment when joining a pool. Joining the pool will get you into the system. You do not need to send any others.

I recommend watching the following video on YouTube to learn how to get started.

I wish I had watched this video before getting started. It would have saved me a bit of frustration and a squandered coin.

I also recommend you perform all actions through the Qbundle software. When I first started I tried setting the reward recipient (for pool mining) through the web interface for a pool and ended up wasting a coin. I also gave up on trying to configure creepMiner and am just using Blago Miner that comes with Qbundle.

When you finally get your system up and running you will likely see a warning message like the following

“Warning!: Your account does not have a public key! This means it’s not as protected as other accounts. You must make an outgoing transaction to fix this issue.”

If you will be joining a mining pool then ignore this message. Setting a “Reward Recipient” to get into a pool will be your first transaction which will get you a public key and the warning will go away.


Good morning Michael. Thank you very much for your good advice, I know that you do it waiting for the best possible job. I will follow to the letter your kind instructions, which are based on your own experience and work developed previously. I assure you that I will analyze with great care the video that you sent me, I saw it once and I will try to review it to achieve an optimal configuration for coin mining. I know that I arrived a little late to this great project of the Burst, since almost 90% of the total coins have been mined.

I hope to continue counting in the future with your kind collaboration.

Receive my best wishes
Douglas Parra


Welcome, @douglas74 and good luck!


Good morning, good friend, friend. I have tried to follow your excellent recommendations to start, next to the attached video. I have encountered some technical difficulties, since my operating system uses 32x and the QBundle program requires 86x, therefore the program does not install correctly on my computer. I will be very sincere friend, I bought 1000 coins of BURST in the BITTREX Trading Platform and I want to pass those coins to my own BURST purse, but the internal policies of Bittrex do not allow exchange with an account that does not have a public key. I need to send a message to another account to obtain said password and authenticate my account. Please, I require that you give me 1 Burst coin, which I will return to you, to achieve that goal. Then I will focus on solving the problem I have to start mining.

I really will be very grateful.

My BURST account is the following:


Thank you again and best wishes to you.

Douglas Parra Espina


Thank you very much, dear friend.