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Hi all I feel a bit silly now. I never noticed the great big blue notice before I made my first post so I am linking to my first post HERE

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Ok so what are you asking or looking for? Burst coins to start? Have a question.

There is NO SUCH THING AS A SILLY QUESTION, fire away. This is a great community.


Thanks for the reply.

To save time I will paste my original post below.

OK I am new to this Burstcoin thing and have a problem.

I set it all up using the Qbundle on my PC however in order to get the HASH thingy sorted I needed 1 burst to set account details, I managed to find the only working faucet and get 1 burst to set the account details to sort out the HASH.

At this point I thought GREAT I can now start mining, this was 2 days ago and if I use the pool at CryptoGuru I am getting many confirmed DL’s but after 2 days I am seeing absolutely no coins, my account balance is still 0.

Please can someone tell me if I need at least 1 coin in my account to get my rewards for the found block DL’s I keep getting, very confusing when your used to mining on a GPU and no account balance is required (JUST MINING).

I have tried to find another facet but only one works, I have tried to find somewhere to buy Burst for GBP but cant find anything at all.

If do I need Burst coins in my account to get my rewards for the confirmed DL’s then could someone kind please donate me a few to get started or allow me to buy £5 GBP worth from them please as I am now confused as hell and about to give up with burst and uninstall Qbundle.

Thanks for any help and sorry for the long post.

My address is BURST-UCFV-LMMD-Y7B9-9VUVP if anyone is interested.

Thanks again.

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Do not need any coins in your account to receive rewards. Once your setup you will receive them. There is something going on in the Burst world. My account has low rewards. If you have a low size plot file that will be longer before you see anything. Be patient.

Post a screen shot of your mining program running that will say if your setup correct or not.


Awesome thanks for that.

I will get it up and running now and post a screenshot in about an hour.

at the moment I only have plots for about 700Gb but if I see rewards I will be upgrading by buying more storage.

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How do I add images

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OK ran it for about 6 bloks still running now.

here are some screen shots, you will see just after starting I go confirmed DL’s.

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Looks great !!! Congrats.

Suggestion turn off winner information. You want to streamline your miner as much as possible and retrict to just mining.

Turn off winner info
Turn iff HDD wakeup does not really work

Next step is to not use the interface and have ur own batch file to control your miner program.

Theres a reason for this u might be able to run a faster miner program.

To know what you can run. Download and run this program.


This show the instruction sets ur cpu can handle.
Post the image here.

If ur interested in taking it to the next level let me know

Your Good to go !!!

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HMMM thanks still not seeing any coins

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