Plotconverter crashes :(

Updated Qbundle (v2.1.0) and Wallet (v2.2.0)

Adding PoC1 Plotfile to tool (Plot is excepted from mining)
inline conversion mode
status waiting - then crashes, programm closed.
Another plot file starts converting, crashes after few minutes…

Anybody else having the same problem ??

I haven’t jumped on converting yet…though I haven’t seen anyone talking about this problem yet except you so far.

thanks so far ryanw, i keep trying…

I have seen someone else mention this now, but I can’t find the thread here.

So, it’s not just you. Always be sure to create an issue on the github…this is how all our software gets better

ok, fine, i will follow your advice.
meanwhile i decided to replot the disc instead of converting the plotfile, and xplotter 1.2 gave me read errors - so the crash might have occured just because of my faulty disc. will try with other plotfiles later…

Yeah, that could have been the problem right there…