Plots connections?


Hi all,
Thanks for having me here… as a Burst NOOB I probably will do stupid things and ask even more stupid questions…
It’s my way of life until the"burst"coin drops in my brain and answers will fall in to place.

Okay the first question is… I know I should be mining a pool since I only use 4TB (wil be 9 TB end of this week and growing)… but fool as I am… I’m minening solo…

Now I have a few numbers I want to trow at you for a general check and for general understanding for me.

20:04:03 Thread “E:\Plots1” @ 9.0 sec (103.8 MB/s) CPU 39.90%

Please look at the above numbers…Is it true that
my connection speed is 2 103.8 mb/s
My CPU was used @ that moment for 39,90 % of capacity
And It took 9 sec to gathers this data?

Thanks for your wise answers…

Regards… AlphaDelta


As I understand it

103.8 MB/s = disk scanning speed
Yes, load on your CPU for the scan was 39.9%
9 sec to scan your plots

Open to correction


I am currently mining with about 4TB and I get about the same results. My drive is externally docked on USB 3.0 so idk if an internal SATA drive will have faster reads.


Okay thanks guy’s…this helps allot to understand things

Just ordered 2 metal casing, 4 ports USB 3.0 hubs, and a 7 ports USB 3.0 PCI Controller…

For now I will keep a close look at the numbers. If does drop to far/ is not my likeing I can always can convert to SATA controllers and dismantle the drive cases.

Time to catch some ZZZZzzzz arround here… Nighty night


How many Tb’s are you planning on adding?


I’m aming for 200 / 300 TB for now.

At the end of this year I have a very good chance to get a ton of disks in…complete with cabinet
Lots of 2 and 3 TB 2.5 inch drives… but all and all I think about 3000 to 5000TB.

When that happens and I can get it up and running, I think I will (need to) retire from work hahaha. (kidding)
Trying not to think about the energie bill of that cabinet…


ahh okay , i was just going to comment that if you were going full tilt on the external usb 3.0 stuff to make sure that pci card you bought has a controller per port, otherwise you will quickly find that it will bottleneck.


Hi JaxBlack,

Yes I have read that one in several topics here and there…
Thanks for the “inline thinking” though.

The USB Controller I ordered “claims” to have a controller per port… We "ll see what happens.
It’s not in yet.

I any case I’m not planning on more then 3 USB drives per HUB so in fact per Controller port if this thing works out…
Still a bit experimental… doesn’t mather… It’s for fun and the love of Crypto currency in general.