Plotted half my space now I need a pool :)

Still haven’t figured out why everyone’s forced to get a coin to start. ill find it somewhere haha :slight_smile:

But more than happy to hop aboard and get things flowing.

BURST-DY69-VA4T-REZQ-CVER6 Please and thank you: :slight_smile:

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You’ve already set up your account, and are ready to mine on BTFG pool :slight_smile:

That first coin you got is the only one you needed.

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Yeah I got it running. not 100% sure it’s working (well its mining and its found some blocks apparently) haven’t seen any sort of confirmation at least not that I can find yet). No name on the account though that’s apparently more secure?? my google fuu is lacking on burst it would seem.

I do have a constant error code 32 but I presume that’s because I have the Auto plotter making more as I go? I dunno winging it until I figure it all out haha.

Throw up a screen shot of your mining window, and we can see how it’s going.

When a plot is being created, the file is locked, so that is leading to the error you are getting.

here ya go. please explain away i think i understand the most of it.

that first found block was the 100PB pool and the second was the pool im in, is that right?

and plotter chunking along

Everything looks fine so far!

You have enabled showing the block winner, so basically it just reports who found the block. These were not you mining the blocks.

The bright green lines that say “confirmed DL” are the submissions you are sending to the BTFG pool. If one of these submissions ends up being the lowest out of every miner on the network, then you will have found the block.

With pool mining, these deadlines that you submit will add to your share history on the pool. When someone on the pool finds a block, it will be split up according to the shares everyone has since the last block. I think in your pool, the person who finds a block gets a big bonus as well.

ok sweet. Yeah I figured it wasnt me haha only got 80GB at the moment and I doubt it being on a R5 would be helping my cause.

While I got you though can you explain the timers on the green line after confirmed DL: 72245565 the 548Days and 836Days?

also I presume is my pool how long until I would see myself in the stats over there? not receiving any coins etc but just confirmation other than the miner?

Those timers are the lowest deadlines you have found. With 80GB…I’m really sad to say that you will not be getting much burst at all…current average is 1-2 Burst per day per TB, and you are at 8% of that.

Deadlines that forge blocks are usually under 4 minutes.

I looked up your address, and you are at an estimated 0.04 Burst balance right now.

Na it’s cool I have 3-5Tb on hand just waiting for plotter. Might as well mine while it’s running. There’s no limits on the number of plots? I’m just making 20gb chunks currently so I’ll have a lot eventually

I haven’t heard on any limit on plotfile number…however it is more efficient to just have one large plot vs many smaller ones.

xplotter resumes your plotting if it is disturbed