Plotting - drive specs and best methods

Hi, I’m still waiting on my Seagate 4TB external drive to plot (3 days 50%, xplotter i5 5600 npm). Looks like I jumped into this without doing enough reading. So my questions are:

*what specs make best drive: Sata vs usb, higher rpm, more cache, SSD (price/reliability)

*best method to plot: use best internal drive, copy to external usb drives for mining, plot full disk size or say 500GB chunks at a time

Just looking for other people’s ideas/experiences. Will try Turbo Plotter on other drives once I get started.

There are too many factors to go through, and every situation is pretty different. One common theme though is that the cheapest per TB is usually the one to go for.

The main reason to not go that way is the speed at which SMR drives plot at. (Which yours might be one of these, you’ll have to look it up)

Then there’s the clean look of internal jbods vs the jungle of cords with external rigs…

Thanks for the info on SMR drives. Finally plotted after 6 DAYS and now mining :+1:

I understand you cant say Drive A is better than Drive B, i was looking for a general idea like:

better than
Internal Sata
better than
External USB

I definitely understand price per TB and difference of internal/external mess. I have been meaning to build a new PC for about a year and was just thinking of best base spec (not including masses of drives for storage)

Yes, that was what I meant actually. It depends on too many factors such as what kind of setup you have already, how much you are wanting to spend, and even just personal preference.

I will say that SSD cost way to much to consider for mining Burst.

sata/external usb/ sas all get the job done just the same. If you currently have a huge empty jbod, then probably sas or sata would be good to use. Same if you don’t have USB 3 on a machine, but have some extra hdd slots for sata drives…

performance per drive is not a huge factor. large minors use the slowest largest drives just fine.

I think you want to go with the cheapest $ / TB you can get. Usually that’s the Seagate Archive 8TB externals. If you check slick deals, ebay, and NewEgg deals sometimes Western Digitals will win out on sale.

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I highly recommend getting the WD easystore 8TBs when they go on sale for ~$150. Best Buy does this about once a month. If in a hurry (or my addiction gets the best of me) I will get the Seagate 8TB Archives on sale for $150, but the WDs are actually Red/White internal drives that can be shucked and used elsewhere/internally. But once plotted they perform about the same, though I find that the WDs are about 10% faster for reading, but that is not a huge factor and not a deal breaker.