Plotting with cg_obup on Debian

Hi there,

I’m new to Burst. Is it OK to plot with cg_obup? What should I use as the -k KEY? Is it the numeric account id? If so, can I find that somewhere in the web UI on port 8125?

Also, can I plot a little and then add more plot files later on, or should it be done in one go?


Sorry to answer my own post. I found the numeric account id by clicking the green “Account Balance” button on the Dashboard of the web UI

When I add a new drive I create two folders Burst and Temp. I plot 500GB files (one at a time) to the Temp folder. When done plotting a file I shut down the miner, move the file from Temp to Burst and resume mining. I then start plotting a new 500 GB file. Repeat until the drive is fully utilized.

Don’t know about your other questions since I am not familiar with cg_obup.


so much this^

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Yes, looks like -k KEY should be the numeric account id since that’s what I did and now I have burst pending at a pool, so it must be correct. Yay!

Very good. Glad to see you’re up an running.