Plotting with Xplotter on Server



I wanted to plot my external disk with xplotter on server with 64 cores but I get error: Error allocating memory.

I have 98 used from 128 and was planning to use 16 GB for plotting.


Use mjminer to plot on a server works for me


Memory allocation doesn’t really affect plotting. What’s the command line you’re using ?


I use XPlotter_avx.exe -id 7593642486698162823 -sn 233944592 -n 10171504 -t 16 -path G:\plots -mem 16G


have you tried a smaller amount of memory? such as 9G? it works for me :slight_smile:


I’d remove the -G setting and just let the plotter figure it out.


i have done with 1 gb as well. there is no -g parametter


yes no -G !-) but you can remove the whole " -mem 16G" and let Xplotter figure out how much Ram to use.