PoC Consortium,what do you guys think about this announcement


This was posted on bitcointalk.org a few days ago ,heres the link https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2080040.msg20789222#msg20789222 , is good to see that we are not alone :smile:, there’s a lot of talented people out there that want nothing but the best for burst.Go burst top ten here we Go!!!


Looks to be a very interesting Group. Have they just really come out of the Blue or are there any known people in there?

Their Wallet is very responsive and the distributed Wallet setup looks good, will be interesting to see if their Wallets or Pool are attacked and how well they hold up?

Will be following to see what they can achieve?




I believe this is exactly what Burst has been waiting for. I could be a hopeless optimist, but I will be supporting the efforts of the PoC Consortium completely.

@RichBC From what I have found out, the group assembled itself through personal connections between the individuals…whoever made the first step in that, I don’t know. I do know that some or all of them had been interested in Burst already when the network spam attacked happened.

What is left to be seen, is how the existing developers and community intertwine with their efforts. It’s almost certain that most of the existing community members will look at them with skepticism, but that should diminish as new developments are released regularly…something that Burst has not seen in quite some time…