PoCC/Crypgoguru Pools Shutting Down

Unfortunately, the pools that I had recommended to everyone over the years are now shutting down. Please switch your pools ASAP.

This will start you off in your search for a pool:

Burstcoin.RO - https://pool.burstcoin.ro/ and https://0-100pool.burstcoin.ro/

Support Burst Marketing Fund - https://bmf100pool.burstcoin.ro/index.html

You can also see most of the pools listed in the explorer here - https://explorer.burstcoin.network/?action=network_chart

I would like to encourage everyone to not join the biggest pools. Mining power needs to be spread out and decentralized. I’m sure you’ve seen discussions over BTC on this; well Burst is the same. Choose wisely.

Quote from PoCC Discord (https://discord.gg/TCHmGmm) below…

PoCC Burst Activity Phase-Out

Dear everyone,

The PoC Consortium left Burst Development January 2019 and in order to enable the “follow-up team”

to have a transition phase as smooth as possible, we kept lots of the infrastructure running or handed

it over e.g. to BMT.

As our focus shifted towards other projects, the time and effort spent with e.g. pools, wallets or

following recent developments was significantly scaled down. This reduced attention would in

the long run lead to a degradation of service below the standard we would like to offer for projects

we are involved in, so we decided to shut down our pool and wallet operations end of June 2020.

Please spread the word in the usual Burst channels.





Will cease operation June, 30th 2020

All Helix customers who had a Standard Helix License for mining on the PoCC pools will be

upgraded to PRO license free of charge. Helix sales and licensing servers (Enigma) will of

course continue to operate indefinitely.

The PoCC explorer will continue operation for now, but its use is deprecated and functionality

not guaranteed, we’re monitoring usage and if that falls below a certain threshold indicating

limited relevance, we will shut down this service too.

We will ensure Multi-Out payments for every miner on the PoCC pools independent of their balance. If you have >= 1 Planck on any of our pools, payout will happen automatically (no need to spend any Burst on your side).

Thanks for the time you spent using our pools and wallets and good luck for your future Burst mining endeavors.