PoCC Pool Public Use Discouragement


edit: see reply below

The PoCC-operated pool https://burst.cryptoguru.org/ is effective
immediately unsupported and its public use is discouraged.

The PoCC members feel that the pool is currently not meeting the
quality standards the PoCC would like to establish in the BURST
ecosystem. Set up of the pool - which predates forming of the PoCC -
was initially intended to give our miners a responsive home. A
performant pool where we could be sure to not lose any delivered
shares, not having problems with being DDoS knocked-out and where we
would have to pay no pool fee.

Because of these features, we thought what would be good enough for
us, might also be good enough for others and let other miners
participate in the pool. While this worked well in the beginning, the
more the pool grew, the more problems with the code base became

While our pool setup proved to have no performance problems whatsoever
even with DDoS and 180+ miners, problems in sensitive areas like share
computation and payout are generating a load on us that we are no
longer willing to bear. Therefore we consider
https://burst.cryptoguru.org/ from now on a private PoCC playground
for our miners only.

We will not block access from other miners, but any participation in
the pool is at your risk only. To state it explicitely: No
earnings/rewards are guaranteed and no one is entitled for support.

We will work on alternate solutions in the long run, which may even
result in an own pool implementation, but until then we need to have
free capacities for more important work and not having our time
congested with the never ending and increasing pool support.

We certainly hope to be able to provide a public pool according to our
standards in the future, and when we do you can be sure it will be
extraordinary. Until then, we hope you accept our apologies and see
the necessity for this tactical retreat.



Since yesterday, the PoCC mining pool status changed from “public use discouraged” to “0% fee, stable, no support”.


The PoCC considers the pool stable and attractive (0% fee) enough to stop discouraging people to use it. There still will be no user support directly from the PoCC in case you should have problems, but there is a discord channel at https://discord.gg/7Hqqt5G where other miners will most probably help you out.