PoCC Wallet 1.3.6, MacOS, bootstrapping?


So, judging by the term “bootstrapping”, you may have noticed that I am very new to Burst. If you didn’t, dont worry, you probably will soon.

I have been scraping the googles - from here to irc, trying to figure out if its possible to bootstrap the PoCC wallet on the mac. I realize now, after all the searching, that bootstrapping is not an term common to this community. I don’t know that I understand why fully… which is not surprising considering I do not come from an especially strong computer science background. It took me the better part of today to get the damned thing installed. Hell - i just figure out how to use homebrew.

so - is there a downloadable db (bootstrap!) out there for this blockchain yet? will there ever be? is this the correct place to ask? I may copy this to the github issues and see what comes up as well.

the other, burning question I have is this - and please go easy on me because I know its got to be a stupid one…

where in the heck does the burst sync process store all that data when it pulls the chain off the network? I cant find the directory for the life of me.

I just want to exclude it from my timemachine backups for the moment.

any help is immensely appreciated!


There are available downloads for the blockchain db. I keep some here:

Sometimes people run into issues bootstrapping, and have to sync from scratch anyway.

As for Mac, I don’t know where it stores the database. I guess it depends on what database type you chose to use…

Someone has written a startup guide for using MariaDB on Mac here if this helps at all:

Since I use Windows, I haven’t had to look into importing any saved databases…so I am not any help for you there right now unfortunately.


Thanks Ryan.

I had found those links in my search for answers earlier yesterday but I read somewhere that the new 1.3.6 did not have a compatible db yet, or that one had to be ported in the backend.

i wish i could find where that post was - but im pretty certain it was one of the devs. Maybe i misread.

anyways thank you, everything is up and running fine.