Poloniex Lending Bot - BTC


Anyone else here using the Poloniex Lending Bot to lend BTC on Polo?


I have been using it for some Months now and it seems to do a good job of lending at the best rate possible, when Loans need to renew. However for the last couple of days it has been stuck at a daily rate of 0.239% and this is too high and loans are not being taken up.

I have emailed support and not had much of an Answer. I am sure it is stuck because if you scroll down the BTC Loan offers on Polo you will see a massive 2380 BTC offered at that rate, so it’s not just me.

So back to Manual for the moment.



Hi Rich!-)
is this the same as this one?
I used the github one for a while and it seemed to work great.
However, my face kinda fell a sleep watching the profit rates compared to trading :sleeping:

Sorry, cant really help!


It’s not that one but something similar and definitely better than doing it by hand or using the Auto-renew.

I will take a look at the one you have linked to, but was is good about the one I am using is that it run’s remotely and does not rely on a local PC. However at the moment it’s useless as the rate is locked and Support don’t seem to be fixing it.

Agreed on the rates v Trading but it’s a nice passive income and during the fork hit as high as 5% which was nice. Also I don’t allow myself more that a couple of BTC Trading so I len the rest.



Well the Bot has been fixed, although in hindsight it was doing a great job of keeping the rate up as with 2380 BTC fixed at 0.239% there were a shortage of coins for lending and it was easy to get a rate slightly less than that.

Rate has now dropped back to just over .01%. Must mean there are a lot op people using Poloniex Lending Bot?

While it was down I got set up with cryptolend.net but have not had a chance yet to see how it performs.

Would be interested in anyone else’s experience with lending Bots?



Intressting!-) going to try cryptolend.net . I’ll report…
and yes, I changed my mind after the last months of trading!-/